Thursday, September 22, 2011

TILT: More Reading Posters!

I had so many fun reading posters from last week that you get a second edition this week! :)

A Good Book Has No Ending Print by LittleSonrisa --so true...I'm looking at you, Harry Potter!

Reading is Cool Art Print by ParadaCreations --I love love love the little owl! I need someone to draw me an owl for my blog header and twitter picture...I can't draw at all lol. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Princess Bride Poster by HappyLandings --Princess Bride. Need I say more?

A Book Lover Print by ILoveDoodle --this guy was too awesome to even fit all the way on the page! Check out the link for the full awesomeness!

Book Nerd Decal by EllieHearts --a bonus today because it's too cool for school (or is it?) and it wouldn't fit in the little squares! :) I want this for my library bag. Extra bonus because the seller lives in my area!

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