Thursday, September 8, 2011

TILT: Book Art!

I know, I know...I haven't blogged all week. I'm bad. But I'm still here! I'll have the BSC Super Special #1 post up tomorrow, just have to take pictures tonight! :) Until then, how about a TILT? I normally wouldn't approve of ruining a book, but these are just too cool.

Art Block Diptych: Telepathy Between Sisters by MoonAndLion -you have to open the link up to get the full picture. Go on, I'll wait. Isn't that awesome?? My sis and I sooooo need this. We have ESP(N) you know lol.

We hear each other thoughts
though sometimes
our hairdos get in the way
causing a bit of interference.
-You mean your hairdo.
-Of course yours is the problem.

Book Lovers Stack Print by GlassLionStudio -love the red hearts and the bold printing of the books.

Carousel Horse Print by NewDayPrints -love the vintagey-ness (yes, that's a word!) of the colors.

Blackbird Song Lyrics Print by TexasGirlDesigns -my favorite Beatles song :)

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