Friday, September 23, 2011

What I'm reading right now...

The reason there is no review today...this book was kind of wigging me out, so I had to stop reading it last night! Lol...I'm such a weenie. Maybe I should put it in the freezer like Joey on Friends when he reads Little Women.  Good news is, there's a "What Claudia is Wearing" right in the beginning! And I'm already planning on doing this review slightly different, involving my sister, should be fun!
 I'm finding it hard to read this one because I know what happens and I don't want ALL THE TEARS. *sob* Hopefully, I'll get a big chunk read this weekend though...I want to finish it by the end of September. I'm considering skipping next year's Annual Summer Reread just to make it fresh and exciting the next year. Hmm....

This is my new "work" book today. I've looked at them several times before, but never got interested enough to get it. My sis saw it on her beauty vlog she watches and said the girl loved them, so I checked it out at the library. We shall see. :) This girl looks like some actress, but I can't think of who. Maybe somebody from the 90s?

I hope I get to read more than one BSC book this weekend so I can have plenty of reviews for next week. The BSCers go visit Stacey in sophisticated New York, because I guess their parents are made of money. From what I remember, they clash horribly with Laine and is this possibly the one where Dawn freaks over all the germs and Mary Anne turns into Miss Tourist? I hope so! :)

So...what are you reading this weekend? Do you have more than one book going at once? As you can see, I usually have 3-4. I like to have options, for what mood I'm in. Happy Friday!

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