Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dirty Little Secret Saturday

I know I've kind of slacked on the reviews this week boo. I'm at the library right now though and trying to work on some for next week. Until then, how about a Dirty Little Secret by Under the Covers?

What's your favorite place to read?

Well, I do most of my reading on the couch in the living room, while watching TV. (I'm a multi-tasker lol.) I always have a stack of books sitting on the table next to me, plus several magazines and bookmarks. I like to sit on the couch because then I can use the throw pillows to hold up my heavier books. :) I almost always have my cat sitting on me too.

If I don't feel like sitting in the living room, I'll sit in my big, ugly, comfy chair in my bedroom. When I moved my bookshelf the other day, I turned my chair sideways, so I can't put my feet up on my bed anymore which is annoying. But I can put one foot on a shelf, so that's not too bad lol. I'd love to eventually get a smaller, nicer chair and footstool, but until then, I'll deal. I like to sit in there on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and have classical music playing and a big glass of ice water (if it's hot) and just read for hours.

I hardly ever read in bed, except maybe magazines or extra large books that I need to lay flat to read. I do read/play on my phone in bed nearly every day though. Too much, probably. At work, I read at my desk on my lunch 1/2 hour and I go downstairs during my 15 minute breaks to the cafeteria. It's nice and quiet and I usually need a break from my coworkers.

How about you? Do you have a designated spot to read? Or do you just go willy-nilly? 


  1. I read on the big, ugly couch in my living room. IF I try to read in bed, I WILL fall asleep within minutes, lol. Lately I've had to read at work, so I find a nice little table away from everyone else. Looking forward to some more reviews!

    1. My bed isn't very comfortable to sit up in either, so I have to lay down and that doesn't really work all the time.
      I have a review up and ready for Monday! :) Yay me lol. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. After the bathtub and work, a big comfy chair would definitely be my pick! If you have it angled just so, you can prop up your book with a stand and eat at the same time. Like you, I am a multi-tasker and reading and eating is a must. It's like popcorn at the movies!

    1. Yep, I'm constantly eating and reading, as long as the book isn't too heavy lol. The BSC books are perfect for that!
      Thanks for stopping by. :)