Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: "Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel"

Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel by Richelle Mead
2 out of 5 stars

This is going to be a quick review I think, to wrap up "Vampire Academy" week lol.'s hard to rate this. I read a lot of graphic novels, so that's not the problem. This is absolutely meant to be a companion read for the series (so spoilers in this here review! Lol). In that case, I think it was good. The story itself is a little choppy if you haven't read the books, but they still give a nice picture of the characters and their lives. It's a very quick read, which is nice sometimes.

The artwork is not the greatest I've seen. The girls, in particular Lissa, just seemed really off to me. Lissa is very plain and unglamorous, where in the books, she's almost got that incandescent beauty of Twilight vamps. Not at all what I pictured. Dimitri, on the other hand, yowza. :) If I'd had that picture in my head while reading the books, I would have been all over Team Dimitri lol. Umm...literally. And honestly, I will be buying the second one soon, because I just saw pics of Adrian and woo hoo.

So we've got these great shots of Dimitri and then all of a sudden...there's the super creepy Strigoi. Like, what?? Why is she all hunched over?? And she's got long, monkey arms! Scary. OMG...I just, this second, realized what she reminds me of!! You know in Buffy, "Hush" episode? The Gentlemen's minions? Yep, that's Strigoi according to this. *Shudders*

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