Thursday, November 29, 2012

TILT: Book Lover Gifts!

It's a few days less than a month away from Christmas...are you prepared? Yeah, me neither. But don't worry! I've got lots of fun gift ideas for the book lovers in your life for the next few Things I Love Thursday. Or, buy them for yourself from your husband/wife/kids/boss/BFF. And don't forget to thank them! ;) What's your favorite non-book gift to get for a reader?

Persuasion Book Scarf by Storiarts --this is so neat, my sis actually found it on Pinterest! Be sure to get it fast though, because it looks like they sell out very quickly! (They may be taking custom orders again sometime next year too, so bookmark the site!)

Book Lover eReader Cover on Amazon --if I ever got an eReader, I would definitely get one of these! So  sneaky lol.

Books Candle on Assouline smell. :)

Love Books Tote by AijoEcoTotes --I love that the books are saying "love" and the cute fabric!

(found on wordpainting; not sure of original source...
if you know, please contact me & I'll fix!)


  1. Love that scarf!
    And you should totally get an e-reader. Not any, but a Kindle. I'll tell you why ;-)
    In the Amazon Kindle store, classics are free. The first day i had my Kindle, i had already downloaded 65 classics i never read, mostly because English is not my native language ;-)
    I also had doubts about the screen, but i actually love reading on the Kindle. I love sitting outside in the sun, and the Kindle screen not only doesn't shine even a little bit, it's also easier to read in bright sunlight than a book, because the screen is a little grayish, not bright white like most my books. That and the letters are in the same font a books would be printed in, so it really feels like the closest thing to a real book. It's also lighter than a real book. The complete Lord of the Rings book tore one one of my handbags, because it was so heavy. I'm not getting payed by Amazon, i swear ;-)

    1. Okay you talked me into it, I want a Kindle now! Lol. I do like the idea of having all my Harry Potter books together of course.