Thursday, November 15, 2012

TILT: Trolls!!

Continuing yesterday's trolly goodness, Things I Love Thursday is all about those wild-haired, jeweled-bellied, tattooed-butt dolls! :) Did you have trolls as a kid? They became popular when I was in junior high and my sister and I collected a ton of them. Remember when there were whole stores dedicated to trolls and all their accessories? And the kiosk in the middle of the mall where you could get your troll's butt tattooed with your name and a heart? Lol...I do still have one of my old trolls. He's a mini one with purple hair and jewel. When I got my first car (an awful 89 Camry) I glued him, along with a bunch of other toys, to my dash. Yep.

Rainbow Haired Troll Earrings on Flotisserie --I had these exact same earrings! I was tres cool.

Bride & Groom Troll Dolls on WhenRosesBloom --I love how they added "padding" to the girls' clothes lol.

Good Luck Trolls at UrbanOutfitters --these are new versions that just came out! They come in flocked, shiny vinyl, and others. They're blind-boxed so you don't know which one you'll get.

Awesome Troll Collection found on I'mRemembering --couldn't find the exact page this was one, but this whole site is one huge trip down memory lane.

And an extra bonus....a pic of my craft desk right now, featuring one of the new Good Luck Trolls! :) Plus an assortment of other toys. I have a lot of toys lol. I'm such a kid still.

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