Monday, June 22, 2015

Author Meeting: Rainbow Rowell

When I found out Rainbow Rowell, my number one favorite author for 2014, was going to be coming to a Barnes & Noble near me in early May, I knew that I absolutely had to go. And I also knew that I had to buy the special edition of Fangirl that they were going to have, even though I already had a copy. I have never really wanted to buy more than one edition/copy of a book until Rainbow Rowell's books. There is just something so special about her books and they keep coming out with these delicious, sherberty colors that I just want to gobble up. (Sorry, I'm kind of hungry.) Luckily, I'd gotten a B&N gift card for my birthday the week before, so I was all set!
My sister so kindly agreed to go with me (I really need to get some local book friends lol) and we got to the store about an hour and a half early. Unfortunately, that was not early enough to get one of the seat tickets, so I had to stand. It wasn't too bad though, I read some of my book while waiting and listened to the excited chatter around me. When Rainbow got there, everyone was cheering and so happy, it was great. And seriously? Rainbow is adorable. She's got this awesome curly hair and she wears great quirky clothes that would make Claudia Kishi proud and she is so nice and funny!
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She talked for a bit about the new edition of Fangirl, read an excerpt from her short story for My True Love Gave to Me (which was so awesome), and then took questions from the audience. She wouldn't give us those last three words to Eleanor & Park, but she didn't completely rule out a sequel either! (Everyone squee'd at that!) Then she started signing books and we all had to line up like cattle, weaving thru the fiction section. It was a long line but went fast and luckily we had plenty of books to look at lol. And my sister didn't complain once about missing Castle. ;)

Author signings are another relatively new thing for me. Most signatures aren't a huge deal to me, I just don't care too much about it. So the ones I have gotten are very special: Neil Gaiman & Ann M Martin, Terry Moore, and now Rainbow Rowell. When I finally got up to the front, I thanked her for her wonderful books and mentioned how she was the first author I'd even considered buying multiple editions of (except for the Baby-Sitters Club hah!) and took a picture with her. (The B&N rep was taking pics and I think that worked really well. They were pretty well-organized which was nice.) Overall, it was a great evening! Oh and I got this wonderful new edition of Fangirl with new artwork and a ribbon bookmark. Isn't it pretty?

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