Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: My Top 10 of Top Tens

This week is The Broke & The Bookish's 5 year blogiversary and they're celebrating by giving their favorite Top Ten Tuesday topics over the years. Congrats to them and thank you to Jamie & friends for starting up such a fun meme! :) I had a lot of fun looking thru my past posts and trying to pick out my favorites, it was actually kind of hard. So here we go, in no particular order! (Actually, they're sort of in date order lol.)

1. 10 Characters I'd Switch Places With -these all still stand true, although I think I'd swap Mary Anne for Mallory Pike, because it turns out I'm more in tune with her.

2. 10 Posts That Reflect Me -yep, this is still a good mixture of me: reviews and memes, young adult and classics, silly and serious.

3. 10 Literary Figures Who Should be President -because DUMBLEDORE. Also, I used a Mary Poppins song. :)

4. 10 Books/Authors I'm Thankful For -I get pretty sappy in this one, but it's all true. Harry Potter, John Steinbeck, Terry Moore, Baby-Sitters Club...it's all there, in me.

5. 10 Best Bookish Memories -this was seriously fun to think back about. I can also add now: getting my nonreader sister to read Harry Potter with me 2 summers ago, sharing all the young adult books with my middle sister & going to NTTBF with her, hearing my younger sister getting into reading more & asking about romance books this past weekend. :)
(middle sister, Stephanie Perkins!! & me at NTTBF)

6. 10 Books I Always Recommend -um...same list as #4 lol. But it's so true!!

7. 10 Book Boyfriends -because boys. :) I'd have to add the guys from the Ghost Bird/Academy series to that now because woo are they some hot guys!!
(you can buy this pin at TheCarbonCrusader!)

8. 10 Book Confessions -things get real here y'all. Stealing, witchcraft, dog-earing lol.

9. 10 More Books I'd Turn Into Movies/TV -I still want this list! And my "book to movie" posts always seem pretty popular.

10.10 Books I Have/Want to Reread From My Childhood -because I always love talking about childhood favorites.

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