Thursday, June 18, 2015

TILT: Library Cats in Book Posters

Cats and books just sort of go together, don't you think? I mean, yes, sometimes a dog will cuddle up with you, but cats are like velcro to laps lol. Well, mine is anyway. So I thought I'd dedicate this week's Things I Love Thursday to kitty librarians, because I really want that to be a thing! :)

(if you don't want your art pictured here, please let me know!)
Also, I had a hard time with some of the artists, so please correct me if needed!

Kitty Library by Ms Cat -I don't know if I approve of cats sitting on the bookshelves, but how adorable is this print?

Kitty Librarian by Liselotte Eriksson -I feel like this would be Giles' (from Buffy) cat helper. Or Professor McGonagall's brother lol.

Kitty Reading on Pawel Pawlak -don't you love finding a quiet corner of the library to peruse your selections?

A Library of Cats on LecturImatges -the cat walking away with the stack of books is totally me!

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