Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Haul: Birthdays & Warehouses

I'm going to work really hard at this blogging thing again going forward. Because I do really like doing it. I got my planner out again and that always really helps me. I think I've got most of July scheduled and half of the posts written already, so that's good right? Right! So let's start with a book haul, which is mostly from two different weekend splurges. I tend to by books in spurts usually, not just one or two at a time.

First is from my birthday weekend, which was May 2nd. I got an Amazon gift card, because my family knows me so well, and splurged on a few newer books that I wanted plus some summer fun. I've actually already read all of these (in both pics) and will have some reviews of a few of them up soon. Also that weekend, I went to Half Price Books (Boys of Summer was purchased at Target) and actually found several that I had been wanting for awhile. I just finished A Little Life this week and it pretty much destroyed me.
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And second, a few weekends ago was my local library warehouse sale which I always try to go to, if I have money. My sister, the nonreader, went with me and she went thru and pulled all the Sweet Valley High and any 80-90s books that looked interesting, while I went and looked for other books. She's surprisingly good at it too! Afterward, I mentioned that Half Price books was having their big warehouse sale too that day and I hadn't planned on going but my sister said sure why not so we did. :) She found me quite a few SVH plus some Sleepover Friends and I even found my coveted Camp Sunnyside Friends #1 I've been looking for. I also found a couple that were actually on my to-buy list (it's impossible to go there with a list) and even a complete series of summer fun books.
This pic below is just for fun so you can see more of the covers and details. I picked up a graphic novel, Sidekicks, that looked pretty interesting too. And of course some more classics. I even got two new Christmas books. I've become really interested in gathering Christmas stories and anthologies in the last two years. I blame Stephanie Perkins' My True Love Gave to Me. It made me want to read ALL the holiday books.
And finally, I went to Half Price to get my dad a gift card for Father's Day and saw The Disenchantments on a shelf, which I had read from the library and loved, so I bought my own copy of it. That's it for now. Do you have any haul pics? I'd love to see them, so comment below with links and I'll go check them out.

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