Sunday, July 3, 2016


It's been awhile since I've shown off my bookshelves (oh yeah, over a year oops) so I thought I'd post an updated shot of them on this lovely Sunday. And I want to see your bookshelves too! I always love snooping looking at other's shelves and see how they have organized them and such. So comment below with links! And click any of the pictures to make bigger.

I cleaned my shelves up again a few weeks ago, so let's start with the before shots, starring sleepy Binky Cat. The bags and stacks were all books that I had recently purchased and needed to find homes for. I had to do some creative thinking this time; I am seriously running out of space. I even got rid of a couple. (I love that my middle sister is a Reader (capital R) like me because I can give her all the books that I kind of liked but not enough to keep lol.)

And here is the first after shot. This is my main bookshelf, which faces my bed, so I had to stand way back in the corner to take this picture. It holds, from the top, my Harry Potter books & Funkos (which I have become addicted to collecting all of) and Neil Gaiman, "pink" chicklit books, young adult contemporaries, Pretty Little Liars and "traditional" romance books, all my Christmas books (which have grown exponentially in the last year), history-ish books plus tearjerkers, and Baby-Sitters Club books on the bottom (mysteries and specials are on the trunk). And a whole lot more.

To the left are all my classics, sitting on the Reader's Digest specials that my mom found at a thrift store for me a few years ago. Below is my old trunk holding all my children's picture books and 80-90s reads like Christopher Pike, Sweet Valley High, and lots more. (If you're interested in seeing these in more detail, let me know!) The trunk is stacked three deep in spots, which drives me crazy, but I don't have much choice at the moment. I'd like to get a new bookshelf for that space but I know I will fill it immediately with all those books, so it won't do me much good for new books. I just need more room. :)

And here's my second bookshelf, which is in front of my window, to the right of my bed. (It gets too bright and hot when I open the curtains anyway, so I didn't care much about blocking it.) The top shelf is my to-reads. I really need to get back to "reading my shelf" again. The rest of the shelf is graphic novels and supernatural-ish books. Lots of vampires and dystopian of course. The odd one out is the stack of Gossip Girl books. Unfortunately, I just could not fit them on my other shelf so they had to go here.

You can also see a lot of my owls on this shelf, which I started collecting accidentally on purpose. I wish my Pops weren't on there, but I don't have room for them anywhere else. (I've got a serious shelf shortage situation going on everywhere lol.) The monster statue in the bottom left was made by my sister. The clear box you can just barely see in the bottom right corner holds my single issue comics, which I have recently gotten more into. To the right of that is my comfy reading chair.

I'll end with a closeup of my Harry Potter collection and artwork (links below), which was the main reason I started cleaning my shelves that day to begin with. I have one more art piece I need to get a frame for, this zombie HP one I've had a few years. I am so bad at hanging pictures! I want to eventually get a real shelf or shadow boxes for my Pops because I do plan on getting them all, but they're okay like this for now.
Creepy Voldy by Locoduck (Facebook)
Potter Kitties by Lululinart (Website)
Trio Portraits by ?? (given to me by a friend, 
if you know the artist, let me know!)

And that's my bookshelfies! This turned into a massive post, didn't it? What do you think? Would you organize anything differently or have new techniques I should try? See any of your favorites or don't see something I should absolutely have? Comment below. :)

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