Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: My 10 Favorite Underrated Books

This is such an interesting topic on The Broke & The Bookish today! My 10 favorite underrated books, as done by Goodreads (with less than 2,000 ratings). So let's see what we come up with, shall we? Have you read any of these? Let me know below and also link up your TTT list so I can find some new reads!

1. Haunted by Eileen Maksym --this is a first book written by a friend of a friend and I think it's well worth a read. From my review: a talent for telling spooky, hair-raising tales. This is definitely a good read for around Halloween.

2. To Catch a Cheat & Real Women Don't Wear Size 2 by Kelley St John --these are from my pre/early blogging years, when I read tons of "pink books" & "chicklit". Pure fluff, but the fun kind!

3. Princess Jellyfish vol 1 by Akiko Higashimura --I'll have a review up of this sweet manga graphic novel next week, but let's just say I am not a manga reader but I loved this one! So much that I already ordered vol 2!

4. Jem & The Holograms: Showtime by Kelly Thompson --another graphic novel that I'll be reviewing soon. Are you an 80/90s girl? Do you love Punky Brewster, Cyndi Lauper, and/or the original Jem?? Then you should be reading this series!!

5. The Thing About Jane Spring by Sharon Krum --this has been my go-to recommendation since I first read it way back in 2006. It has such an old-fashioned quality but it still works. Jane is a tough, no-nonsense lawyer who is happy with her life...except for one part. She can't get a man and she has no idea why. In the middle of an old movie marathon during a snowstorm, she gets the answer: Doris Day always got the guy.

6. Rachel Rising, Echo, & Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore --anything by Terry Moore is an A-Plus for me. I would start with SIP, because it's my favorite, but the others are just as good too. Echo is science fictiony, Rachel Rising is straight up horror, and SIP is both of those plus romance, action, adventure, friendship.

7. Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs --“It's too hard to explain. I can't say why I love the book. I just do. You don't pick the books you fall in love with any more than you pick the people you fall in love with. It just happens, and when it happens, you know. Who's to say where love comes from?”

8. Nerds series by Vicki Lewis Thompson --another pick from my pre-blogging days. If you want hot nerdy guys who are secretly bikers getting with former models who are into weird stuff like building hover crafts, accountants who get the showgirls, Some Like it Hot remakes, and Bigfoot sightings then these are the books for you! :D Talk Nerdy to Me is my favorite but they are all pretty equally delicious and drrrty lol.

9. The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz --I love a good music themed book and this one had its flaws, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Also, any book that has a "Rocky Raccoon" reference is okay with me!

10.The Time-Traveling Fashionista On Board the Titanic by Bianca Turetsky --this book combines a bit of history with gorgeous fashions and a dash of time travel to make a really sweet middle grade book. Check out my review and also the book trailer here.

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