Thursday, July 21, 2016

TILT: Book Wear

I really want like ALL the bookish tshirts but I limited myself to two on today's Things I Love Thursday. I don't have any right now, I am seriously lacking! My sister keeps trying to convince me to buy a Silhouette Cameo machine so I can make my own shirts, but it's $260.00...she's crazy!

(if you do not want your item shown, please contact me)

Out of Print Library Card Socks on Bridge & Burn --so cute! I have a weakness for fun socks too.

I Just Want to Read My Books & Ignore All My Adult Problems on Teespring --don't we all? don't we all.

Books Make Me Happy. You, Not So Much on DiverseThreads --I could wear this to work, right? Sure.

The Little Prince Book Ring on Mandragola --I love it when the jewelry actually opens up and has tiny writing in it. Makes me happy. :)

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