Thursday, July 7, 2016

TILT: Summer Bookish Fun!

Summer is in full swing here in Texas, with record high temperatures and freak pop-up thunderstorms. Perfect time to...stay inside, in the air conditioning, with a good book. Or possibly lounge in the pool. But make sure to slather on that sunscreen and only bring a book you don't care gets wet by annoying splashing children. (I know they're not being annoying on purpose, usually, but it seems that way.) So I've gathered up a few things to make your summer perfect on today's Things I Love! (click to make bigger)

(If you do not want your picture here, let me know & I will remove!)

I am so into the crazy pool floats this year! I may have to actually go buy one now after seeing this mega list on AshleyBrooke. Also, if you have a Five Below in your area, you should definitely go there, they're only $5! (It's my new favorite store after Daiso lol.)

In need of a fun, lighthearted book? Check out my Summer Romance Formula tag and find a new favorite read.

A library in Canada came up with a great way to stay inside where it's cool and still have fun. Check out their Facebook page for the full-sized bingo card.

Once you pick up your bingo books, why not make yourself a little cave in the coldest room in the house? (If you know the source of this pic, let me know!) I suggest comfiest pjs, lots of cool cotton sheets and blankets, possibly a fort situation with fans blowing in. Warning: may attract wayward pets and children, possibly significant others. Perhaps a sign: "this is a one person cave, get your own!" ;)

I love this list of 33 Ways to Have a More Bookish Summer on BookRiot so much that I am considering doing some of them myself. Perhaps for August, when everything seems stale and summer has lost its appeal. Who's in with me? I wonder if they have a hashtag for it already on Instagram or Twitter.

Finally, here is a great list of places to read this summer by Scholastic. I like "in a fort on a rainy day" and "at a secret place" the best.

What's your favorite way to have a bookish summer? Give your best tips below!

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