Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!

I forgot to do my TILT yesterday. :( But I have something very cool today, so that's okay right? My sister first showed me this mobile made from an old book on CraftGawker. Are you on CraftGawker? If not, you should be! Loads of inspiration and fun to be had!

And after following the linky-do, I found out Lisa Occhipiniti sells them on Etsy under TheShopHouse and she has some very cool items in her shop! Give me another example, you say? Okay! :) How about this wreath? I would love to have that hanging on the wall over my bookshelf or even on my front door in the fall!

While browsing in her shop, I read her welcome message and she also has written a book on crafting with books! How serendipitous. The Repurposed Library has 33 projects made out of books and I am going to the library tomorrow to see if they can order it for me. And if not then I'm heading to the bookstore!

I hope you all have a wonderful, book-filled weekend and if you happen to already have this book and want to show off your own take on one of the crafts, please do!!

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