Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: "The Ghost at Dawn's House: The Baby-Sitters Club #9"

3 out of 5 stars

This cover doesn't make any sense. The stairs are going up. And the lights are on. And there's a handrail. And the stairs are going UP?? What the heck? Okay, anyway! This was a good, scary read. Dawn borrows a Nancy Drew book, The Hidden Staircase, from Claudia and becomes convinced that there is a secret passage in their old farmhouse. I actually remember reading this one and being totally freaked.

Dawn does find a secret passage, by falling through a trap-door in the old barn. It was covered by some hay. Yeah, cause they've never cleaned that place out? Okay. The passage goes up to Dawn's room and she finds some odd stuff on the ground over the next few days: a key, coin, button, an ice-cream cone. Dawn is convinced there's a ghost, named Jared Mullray, haunting her. Turns out, Nicky Pike has also found the passage and has been using it as his own secret hideout from the triplets. Dawn ends up agreeing to share it with him as long as he doesn't scare the crap out of her again lol.

There's some other subplots with Kristy, MaryAnne, Claudia and Stacey but they aren't very interesting. Plus, there's not a "What Claudia is Wearing" :( so you know what that means?? I get to make up my own again! :) And I'm just going to warn you now: I was hungry when I made it hah! "What Claudia Should Have Been Wearing":

Claudia was wearing red, skinny jeans with a pink and yellow sweater that had hamburgers and pizzas on it. She decided to go all out and become a walking all-you-can-eat bar. She paired her sushi socks with her cuppycake Keds and her doughnut charm bracelet with her Kawaii breakfast necklace. In her ears she had Coca-Cola bottles and fried eggs. She even had on pineapple boy shorts, not that she showed anyone those. Her purse was made of candy necklaces and at lunch-time she pulled her money out of a taco change purse. Students complained all day that she was making their stomachs growl.

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  1. This is one of my very favorite BSC books. I love Nancy Drew too, though so they tie in nicely :)