Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: "Phi Beta Bimbo"

Phi Beta Bimbo by Trish Jensen
3 out of 5 stars

This was a fluffy re-read for me one weekend...pink book all the way! :) I mean the first line is "Am I sexpot, or what?" So it starts out with brother and sister, Steve and Leah, shopping for a "Pump You Up" bra for Leah. She's apparently going undercover as a busty blond bimbo to test out some theory, but really she was tired of being a nerd and wanted to live it up for once. Can't say I blame her. Oh and brother Steve is dressed in drag as Stephanie, to save his company somehow. Cosmetics company. Yeah. Sounds awesome right? But seriously, for a fluffy book it's pretty darn good. All right, let's make this easy with a cast line-up k? Here we go...

Leah: nerdy science girl, 28 years old,
wants to have a little fun, Steve's little sister
Candi: Leah's alter-ego, mega bimbo, goes to work for Steve's company
Steve: Leah's older brother, dressing in drag to save his company from a spy
Stephanie: Steve's "Twin", posing as the owner of Just Peachy because apparently business-men are so stupid they think a cosmetic company should be run by a woman. For 5 years. Yeah.
Mark: hot security guy hired by Steve/Stephanie to get the spy. Thinks it's Leah/Candi. Is hot for both.
Kate: hot chick who runs Apple Blossom Cosmetics, Just Peachy's main competition and possible spy. Hates Stephanie, hot for Steve.
Shelley: Mark's blind sister who knows right away that Stephanie is a dude and thinks it's hilarious.
Gramps: Leah & Steve's grandpa, whom they live with, and who is exasperated with both his grandkids, for good reason.

Okay, that's the run-down...lots of crazy, misled hijinks ensue. Everyone falls in love that should, Leah realizes she doesn't have to be a bimbo to have fun, Steve realizes he doesn't have to wear pantyhose to run a company, Shelley & Gramps start a great friendship, they catch the spy and everyone lives happily ever after.

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