Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: "Kristy and the Snobs: The Baby-Sitters Club #11"

3 out of 5 stars

This book makes me sad. :( Kristy is living at Watson's McMansion now and hasn't made any friends yet, because she says they're all stuck-up snobs. She's advertising her baby-sitting in the new neighborhood, which kind of makes her a snob if you think about it. She meets one of the new girls, Shannon Louisa Kilbourne, and it's instant enemies. Who introduces themselves with their full name?? Hello, my name is Jennifer Lynn Ingram, so nice to meet you. Blegh.

There aren't any "What Claudia is Wearing" in this one, which kinda stinks. But instead of making up my own, I thought I'd do Gabbie & Myriah's version of tea-time dress-up. :)

Mary Anne ran upstairs to see what was going on. In Gabbie's room she found Myriah wearing a pink party dress with white tights and shiny Mary Jane shoes. But Gabbie had a different idea about getting dressed up. She was wearing one of her mother's slips, a necktie belonging to her father, a feather boa, a straw hat, sunglasses, and snow boots. "How do I look?" she asked. Mary Anne glanced at Myriah who shrugged. "Lovely" Mary Anne told her.
Anyway, the reason for the saditude is that Louie, the Thomas' old dog, is getting well, old. There's not much they can do for him except make him comfortable and after a while even that's not enough. So they have to put him to sleep. I cried. In 2006 we had to put my first kitty to sleep. Her name was KuKu (her previous owners had named her Coup Coup, we changed it obviously lol) and she was my sweet baby. I got her my senior year, after writing a poem IN SPANISH about cats for my parents.
Okay, moving on from the sadfest! Kristy and Shannon have a mini-feud going for a while, calling pizza and diaper deliveries on each other while they're babysitting. Shannon goes a little too far when she tells Kristy the house is on fire while babysitting. Who does that? That's not funny! They finally get over themselves and become sorta friends. Shannon feels bad after Louie dies and decides to give the Thomas/Watsons one of her purebred puppies, whom David Michael names Shannon lol. In the end, Kristy decides Shannon the human is a good person and asks her to become an associate member of the BSC, like Logan. Kinda quick decision if you ask me, but okay.

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