Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: "Hello, Mallory: The Baby-Sitters Club #14"

Hello, Mallory: The Baby-Sitters Club #14 by Ann M Martin
2 out of 5 stars

I really disliked this book. I love Mallory, she's probably the most like me after Mary Anne. Anyone who says "I love to read, and I don't believe that you have to finish one book before you start another." is A-Okay with me! :) But her first real book was full of mean baby-sitters, ridiculous tests and racism.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. The BSC has invited Mallory to join them to help replace Stacey, but they want to give her a test first. Mallory is super excited...finally something to make her more "grown-up". Maybe now her parents will let her get contacts or not get braces or get cooler clothes. Or not..."What Mallory is Wearing" for her first BSC meeting:

I finally decided on my red jumper that said "Mallory" across the front, a short-sleeved white blouse, and white tights with little red hearts all over them. "You look like a Valentine," Vanessa told me, but I didn't care. I put on my penny loafers.

Yeah, you do. I forgive her though, because I would be super excited to join the BSC too! Until they give me a crazy hard test about how to apply a tourniquet and drawing and labeling the digestive system!! I would have stormed off and started my own club too. Way to go Mallory!

So Mallory doesn't start the club by herself...she meets a new girl at school, Jessi Ramsey, and they become fast friends. Jessi is black. And a ballet dancer. And black. And likes to read horse stories just like Mal. Oh and she's black. And she likes to tell funny jokes, which goes away in like the next book I think. And did I mention she was black? That's pretty much how the book goes. :/ I get that this book was published in 1988 (holy crap I'm old!) but is that really necessary?

Anyway, Mal & Jessi are BFF's now and when the BSC realizes they were total jerkheads (my new favorite insult) and invite Mal to join the club after all, she refuses unless Jessi can join too. They say okay and at the first meeting Jessi points out the fact that she is black (not that they couldn't tell) and suggests that some of their clients might not like that. Enlightened 8th graders that they are, the BSC'ers say then they don't want those people as clients. And tada! The BSC now has 2 Associate Members!

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