Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: "Logan Likes Mary Anne! The Baby-Sitters Club #10"

4 out of 5 stars

Squeee!! It's Cam Geary!! No, even's Logan Bruno!! Le sigh...he is soooo dreamy. Even with his silly accent...nothing against Kentuckians, but this: "Ah've haid plainy of expuryence." sounds ridiculous. And I am already way ahead of myself here, so let's start over. Obviously, that is Mary Anne and Logan on the cover. Know how I know? I labelled them for my older self. :) And also Jackie Rodowsky...if he would just stop spreading his fingers out, he could probably get his hand out of that jar.
Oh and I must have gotten a new pink pen recently...Mrs Clardy was my 4th grade teacher. At the end of the year, me and 2 of my BFF's sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" to her. Yes, really. Please stop laughing.

The girls are finally going into the 8th grade at the beginning of this book, where they will stay for approximately 180 books. Strange timing there. Mary Anne is the only one who is still 12, but luckily she has a birthday soon after school starts. Unluckily, her friends decide to throw her a surprise party which becomes the 2nd most humiliating experience of her life (more on the 1st in a minute). It's like they don't know her at all.

Anyway, Kristy decides they should do some advertising for the club at the PTA meeting and it turns out to be a monster hit. So much that they are in danger of having to turn jobs away. And that's where dreamy Logan comes in. But seriously? Aside from the silly accent, he's a pretty cool dude. Not too freaked to sit with a bunch of girls at lunch...oooh speaking of lunch! How gross are the hot lunches at Stoneybrook Middle School??"...macaroni and cheese...that smells like steamed rubber in Turtle Wax...limp broccoli, a cup of canned fruit salad, and milk. Kristy and [Mary Anne] each bought a chocolate eclair Popsicle, since [they] don't like macaroni or canned fruit salad." Where's the meat?? Chicken? Anything with protein??

Logan also has actual baby-sitting experience, so they decide to invite him to a club meeting and test him out. Um, do Claudia's parents know she has a boy in her room? I didn't think so. He takes a sitting job with Mary Anne for Jackie Rodowsky, AKA: The Walking Disaster. Poor Jackie. He did chin-ups on the shower rod and crashed, spilled grape juice on the carpet, got his hand stuck in his grasshopper's jar, fell off his bicycle, ripped his jeans and knocked Mary Anne into Logan's arms (which she totally didn't mind!). They better have good insurance for that kid. Wait til he starts driving, yikes!

The girls decide, as good a baby-sitter that Logan is, it is still totally awkward having him at the meetings (they can't even talk about the fact that Mary Anne finally grew boobies and got a bra!!). Mary Anne gets elected to call him and tell him (his number is KL5-1018 if you want to prank call him btw). He totally beats her to the punch and says he doesn't want to join, but instead asks her to go to the Remember September Dance with him!! OMG! She says yes! And she gets a new outfit with her dad's credit card! :)'s my interpretation of "What Mary Anne Wears to the Dance", but I actually like Poiregourmande's version better! :)

Claudia handed [her] a full white skirt with the words Paris, Rome, and London, and sketchy pink and blue pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge, and other stuff scrawled all over it. [side note: is that a really awful run-on sentence or is it just me?] She matched it up with a pink shirt and a baggy pink sweater. [Mary Anne] would never, ever have tried on that skirt, but with the shirt and sweater it looked really cool. In the shoe department [they] found white slip-ons with pink and blue edging that matched the pink and blue in the skirt.

The dance starts out good, but soon turns into the 1st most humiliating experience when Mary Anne accidentally kicks her shoe off while dancing with Logan and it flies across the room and nearly hits the vice-principal in the head. Yikes. It doesn't seem to scare Logan away though, because by the end of the next week they're basically engaged. (Feels like it anyway) And it's time for the surprise party...which Mary Anne runs out on because she totally freaks that her friends would want to do anything nice for her! What were they thinking?! It all turns into a huge misunderstanding, everyone thinks everyone is mad at the other, but they're not, they all make up and all is good in BSCLand. And it's finally Mary Anne's real birthday...Logan gives her a silver bracelet which is probably too expensive and a little inappropriate. But that's what junior high boys do right? I had a boyfriend for about a week in 7th grade who gave me this gold linky bracelet that I'm pretty sure he stole from his mom lol...don't worry, I gave it back when we broke up.

And! Mary Anne asks her dad for a kitten and he says yes! Hooray, it's Tigger the grey-striped adorable cuddly-ness! I love Tigger. Even though I always call him Tiger. I'm a little slow sometimes.

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