Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas/Book Haul

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, not too many family arguments, and got lots of fun goodies. :) I had a great Christmas, I was off work the whole week (actually have to go back tomorrow boo), it snowed on Christmas day (never, ever happens in Texas), and got wonderful presents. The only dark spot was Thursday, when my sis and I had decided to go to the new Perot Science Museum. It was still icy on our sidewalks when we left that morning and I fell and bruised my knees :( (sis fell the day before too!), and then we got all the way to the museum and it was so busy they were selling tickets for five hours later. So we left and went shopping instead lol. But it turned out okay, neither of us got hurt too bad, and we bought some fun, cute things instead!

Ready to see what I got for Christmas? First up is books...my dad & stepmom got me the full collection of Anne of Green Gables!! I am soooo excited to start reading the next one! They also got me two of the lovely Barnes & Noble classics: Jane Austen and Lewis Carroll. Aren't they beautimous?

They also got me a Half Price gc, which I spent (along with cash from my mom!) on Thursday for these goodies. I finally got Perks of Being a Wallflower (actually, this one came from Target because it's impossible to find at HPB), found a House of Night novella that I didn't know existed, A Vintage Affair is one that my sis had pointed out at the library one day several months ago and looked promising. I found Prep when I was reading Commencement, The Sky is Everywhere has been on every blog I've read this year and I finally found it! (And started reading it over the weekend) And I was lucky enough to find the latest Pretty Little Liars & Morganville Vampires books! :)

And then...my sister got me a Kindle Fire!! Woo!! I only have one book on there so far lol, but I have an Amazon gc to spend, so give me some suggestions. Especially for free books. ;) I got the cute typewriter cover from dad & stepmom. I'm pretty excited to use it at work.

And in non-book gifts, I got the awesome zombie Harry Potter print on Etsy that I've been wanting forever, She's the Man on DVD (Hellloooo young Channing Tatum!), and lots of owl pretties and fun toys. Baby Chewbacca is my new favorite, he makes noises when you bounce him. Oh and unicorn farts lipgloss from my mom! lol...it smells like spearmint and maybe chocolate and marshmallows? It's pretty yummy for farts.

So those are my fabulous gifts...how about you? Did you get something you've been wanting forever? Something you didn't even know you wanted but are super excited about? Got pictures? Let me see them!

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  1. All of Kindle's classics (well almost all) are completely Free! That's what I use my Kindle most for. I completely recommend doing that.