Thursday, January 31, 2013

TILT: Book Posters: Cat Edition

Today's Things I Love Thursday combines two of my favorite things: books and cats. Wait, three things: book posters! :) My cat loves to sit in my lap right when I start reading. If it's a big book, he wants to lay ON the book. And always wants to smell it and rub on it. Le sigh. Good thing he's so cute. Evidence of cuteness and annoyingness:

So I dedicate today's TILT to my kitty cat, Binky. :)

Cat Lovers Home by PrintsbyChristine --this is absolutely true.

The Literary Cat by VintageArtPrint --always love me a good dictionary print. I wonder if eventually people will run out of dictionaries and start using something else..the phone book maybe? Nobody uses those anyway.

Book Kit Watercolor by Bebkit --I think he's saying "feed me, then you can have your books back".

Black Cat Lucky 13 by Strawberryluna --I love this little mod kitty. If he was in teal, I would snap him up right now. Actually, I might anyway. :)

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