Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: "The Lost Hero: Heroes of Olympus #1"

The Lost Hero: Heroes of Olympus #1 by Rick Riordan
3 out of 5 stars

Camp Half-Blood is back with a new class, but it's infinitely better than the Saved by the Bell new class lol. I wouldn't say you must read the Percy Jackson books first before this series, but it would definitely help. Plus, they're good books. :) The Lost Hero starts off a new series, but luckily, we get some of our favorite characters back. Jason, Piper, and Leo are the new kids and they've each had their own troubles that have led them to Camp Half-Blood. Jason's are by far the worst, since he can't remember anything about himself or his life, but knows he's involved in something big and bad. The "Lost Hero" of the title refers to both Jason and Mister Percy Jackson, who has gone missing.

The action moves quickly in this book, especially once they reach camp. Hera, the Queen of Gods, has somehow been imprisoned and it's linked to the three new kids. They are given a prophecy and set out on a quest to save the Goddess, along with Piper's dad and Jason's memory and maybe Percy Jackson? There's lots of adventures along the way and a metal dragon. The dragon is so cool, as cool as Mrs O'Leary, the Hell Hound. We also get mean Cyclops, ice Gods, satyrs, long-dead and forgotten Gods & Goddesses like Medea and King Midas, and more.

It's interesting to read about the Greek Gods and myths again, but it does get a little overwhelming at times, especially when they start throwing in the Roman names too. I said this before, but I could definitely use a Greek mythology handbook (besides the glossary in the back) to read along with these series lol. The "Big Bad" at the end felt a little forced to me, but overall I really enjoyed this beginning and am looking forward to reading the next. Especially with the big cliff-hanger at the end. Lucky for me, I just downloaded the 2nd book onto my shiny new Kindle. :)

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