Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions for 2013!

I am pretty proud of myself for succeeding with my blog goals in 2012...I read a classic each month (and loved it), blogged more, read more, enjoyed more. I went *over* my Goodreads goal of 130 books by 13 which is the most I've read since I started keeping track 5 (?!) years ago. So, where do I go for 2013? To infinity and beyond! :)
("Create" image courtesy of MCromer)

My word for 2013 is going to be CREATE. Personal and reading, I want to create new things, new worlds, new opportunities, new adventures. I just finished reading The Sky is Everywhere and, while I don't want to get into it too much yet since I'm going to review it next week, this book has really inspired me. Personally, I'd like to start crafting again/more...maybe try some of those book DIY crafts I post on my TILTs?? Also, I am going to try to take a picture a day and post on our Flickr. It may just be a crappy cell phone pic, but that's okay with me. I miss playing with my toys and enjoying their beauty (it's okay if you don't understand this!) and want to share it and be passionate about it again.

As for my blog/reading goals, they are similar to last year's but different also:

1. Enjoy my reading--always. Be okay with giving up on a book if I'm not into it. Devour it in one night if I want.

2. Continue my Classic a Month--I have a few picked out already, but am always open to suggestions!

3. Goodreads Goal of 130 books--this is the same as last year and I did exceed it, but I still think that's a good number to aim for.

4. Read my Shelf!--this is basically to keep me from buying more books lol, but I have a good 45 books on my to-read shelf so, yeah.

5. Baby-Sitters Club--I haven't been very consistent with these lately and I really enjoy doing them, so I need to get better. I've also got some different ideas/projects I've been thinking about and might implement one or two of those this year.

6. Expand my Genres--I want to read some more plays (for Classics or not), some poetry, more bios, history, anything non-novel really. Any suggestions for where to start? I'm not setting a number for this, just want to keep it open.

7. Blog More--I did so well (for me) in 2012, that I want to keep that up and push it even further in 2013. I think I've started off pretty well this week, don't you? I got a shiny new planner at Target the other day and it's helping already. :) Plus, I have a list of "extra" posts that I think will be fun.

8. Blog Redesign--maybe? I like it fine right now, it's just very generic. I'd like it to be more *me*. I'm going to start with an "About Me" post next week, which may help me narrow that down. (I'm not really sure why I haven't done one before now.)

So...that's me. Do you make resolutions/goals/themes? Please feel free to share or link to them!


  1. I love your list! And am totally in awe of your reading madskillz, btw. I have been tempted to read more poetry lately, and to read new stuff I'm not familiar with. Haven't got very far with it but you know. Starting
    And YES blog more :) hurrah for blogging! xxx

    1. Aw thanks :) I read a lot while watching tv lol. I want to try some poetry for sure this year. Yay for new things!