Thursday, January 17, 2013

TILT: Bicycles & Umbrellas

I thought it'd be nice to do a Things I Love Thursday on non-book related things every now & then, so today is going to be about 2 of my other loves: bicycles & umbrellas. Yes, I know they don't really go together and it's kind of an odd thing to love, but hey, I'm kind of odd. :) I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them too, if you're interested!

Raindrops on Railways Umbrella at Modcloth --unavailable at the moment, but they have lots of other cute umbrellas!

Lady on a Bike by JCardinalli --I love the mod feel of this print. It'd be super cute on our dining room with all the seventies decor! :)

Betty Bicycle on Beg Bicycles --I'd like to eventually get a bike (I know, I don't even own one!!) and it'd definitely have to be vintagey and pretty colors, like this one.

Rainy Day Paris Print by MichaelMullan --Paris! Umbrellas! Wiener Dogs! Love!

And a bonus, because this awesome print has both a bicycle AND an umbrella in it!! I so want this print one day. Penny Farthing by KathyHare


  1. You should visit the Netherlands, we have thousands and thousands of bikes riding around :-)

    1. Another reason I should visit! :)