Thursday, January 3, 2013

TILT: Book Posters #6!

The first Things I Love Thursday of 2013 should be in one of my most popular posters, don't you think? Me too! :)

Books May Cause Unseemly Outbursts found on Quintessence of Dust (but seems to be from Novel Crossing) --I've definitely had a few outbursts while reading ;)

All You Need is Love Books found on Barbie Librarian (not sure of original source) --maybe love AND books?

Book Tree by Leen --this person has some really awesome artwork, I encourage you to check it out!

The Way to a Woman's Heart is Through the Bookstore found on FanGirlAmy --absolutely true for me!! Give me a book and I will love you!

And a special bonus...Hey Girl. <3

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