Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dirty Little Secret Saturday

I came across a new meme and thought it would be fun to do every now and then as an extra weekend post. It's hosted by Under the Covers, a saucy little blog! :), and they post a question each week to find out more about fellow bloggers by unearthing deep, dark secrets...or silly ones, whichever.

This week's question is:

"What quote or picture would you get tattooed from a book and where would you get it?"

Well, I don't currently have any tattoos but I do want some soon and at least one planned already is literary inspired so this should be pretty easy! :) And no surprise to those who know me, they are mostly Harry Potter. The first one, that I really want, is "Expecto Patronum" down the inside of my left (wand) arm in white ink, with a simple raccoon drawn at the wrist. Raccoons have always been my animal, so I thought that would be really cool. 

My sis wants "Lumos" or maybe "Practically Perfect in Every Way" from Mary Poppins on her wrist in white ink. I think the Platform 9 3/4 would be cool too.

I'd also love to have a Wild Thing or Max, but I don't know where? There's this super cool person at my local Half Price Books that has a Wild Thing on their arm and I always remember I love it whenever I go in there and see them.

I would get this quote from Anna & The French Kiss over my heart maybe: "Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?" Le sigh. :) Or maybe "Oh, you're just talking silly talk." Which is a line from a lovely children's book called Rain Makes Applesauce. (My second favorite line is "Monkeys mumble in a jelly bean jungle." Lol) So, what about you? Would you get or do you have a literary inspired tattoo? A picture? A quote? 

(I understand tats aren't for everyone, but please be respectful in the comments!)


  1. Very cool ideas! "Expecto Patronum" would be cool and I like the white ink idea!

    Thanks for participating!


  2. This is a cool post! I would probably get a tiara in honor of Meg Cabot. I'm a new follower - thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Thanks Francesca, for the prompt! :)

    Emily, that would be something my sis would get. lol...thanks for the follow!