Friday, August 3, 2012

Literary Mixtape: "Peeps" & "The Last Days"

This is another new feature for me: instead of reviewing the books, I'm just going to provide a mixtape for them. Obviously, this will only work for books with a strong musical presence but I think it should be fun.

My first Literary Mixtape is for Scott Westerfeld's Peeps & The Last Days books, which I read back in February. These were good 3 star books, very strong on the gross-out factor, and had a unique take on the vampire story. Actually, the vampire part was so different and odd, I considered them zombies for the majority of the story. (Hence the zombie songs.) I hope you enjoy this mixtape!
(please be warned: some videos may not be appropriate 
for under 18 yrs old or safe for work viewing)

Elvis Presley-Are You Lonesome Tonight

Radiohead-Talk Show Host

Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl

Aerosmith-Livin' On The Edge

(a homemade video, but very cool!)

Regina Spektor-Consequences of Sound

Parov Stelar-Booty Swing

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