Thursday, August 30, 2012

TILT: Book Nooks!

Things I Love Thursday: Book Nooks edition. I want a book nook! How about you? Do you have one? Want one? Get claustrophobic and no way would you sit in a tiny room? 

Children's Book Nook by HiyaPapaya --this person's pictures are amazing! You should go thru and look at them when you have some time. I love this reading seat because it's so bright and cheerful and still functional.

Fairy Book Nook by Berry-Break?? --I couldn't find the original person for this, so if you know, please comment and I will fix it! I called this one the Fairy Nook because it just looks like a room you would find deep in a forest with fairy lights twinkling all around it. :)

Book Nook with a View by Safdie Rabines Architects --that looks like an amazing view, doesn't it? I would love to curl up with a big thought-provoking book and take breaks looking at the scenery.

Closet Turned Book Nook by Thrifty Decor Chick --she made this nook herself out of materials she had around the house during renovations! It is so cool. You have to go read her post on it. And I think I found a new blog to follow! :)


  1. I desperately want a book nook! I love the Nook with a View you posted above, thought I worry about the direct sunlight on the spines. I would never leave!

    1. Hmm...that's a good point about the sunlight. You'll just have to get the UV blocked windows or whatever they are lol (dreaming big right??).