Thursday, August 16, 2012

TILT: Booky Gifts!

Today's Things I Love Thursday is all about book-type gifts. If you are way on top of things, you're already thinking of Christmas gifts and these would be perfect for that book nerd in your life! :) Or you know, to send to me. Hah!

(as always, if you do not want your picture & link here, please contact me!)

Illiterate Rainbows T-Shirt by ShirtWoot! -sad rainbow is sad.

Literary Pendant Necklace by BookishCharm -oooh, I love everything in this person's shop! I would do 3 different necklaces all worn together.

HTML Bookends by Fifty Five Hi's -these are so cool!

Vintage Owl & Book Messenger Bag by SkipnWhistle -I really, really, really want this. Like whoa. Family, I hope you are taking notes!! :)


  1. The bookends. I need them in my life. Going on my wish list, thanks!

    1. Aren't they awesome?? I love those!